Von Prinzessinnen und Löwen

Von Prinzessinnen und Löwen

The Roaring Lion

Helena Kloss, 2BK

Once upon a time in a magical land, far, far away from this world, there lived three sisters. Their names were Maggie, the youngest, Ella and Sabrina, the oldest. One day, while travelling their land, they came to a river which no one had ever been able to pass before. The girls were very clever and so they searched for long and flexible tree trunks. When they had found enough, they built a bridge with them and so they could easily walk across the raging river.

They had almost reached land but suddenly a mighty lion appeared out of the woods. The lion was no usual lion, he was special and the three sisters knew it only by looking at him. In his eyes you could see happiness but also sorrow. Abruptly the lion opened his big mouth full of sharp teeth and said: “You don’t have to fear me. I don’t want to hurt any of you and certainly I am not treacherous and want to outsmart you. I see you found a way to cross the raging river only by mental instead of muscle strength. I swore to myself that the first that would ever cross that river using their brains should be granted a wish.”

The oldest of the three sisters wanted to live forever and escape death. The mighty lion accepted it. He bared his claws and with his huge paw he made a tiny scratch on her skin and so Sabrina’s wish was fulfilled. Out of nowhere the second sister, Ella, spoke to the tranquil lion. “I, Ella, the second born, want to have a fellow who will always love me, ‘till the end of my days.” The big cat nodded with his big head and shook his mane and suddenly out of the woods a handsome man came. His hair waved in the wind and his face was so graceful. “This is Arthur. A man so handsome, even the stars bowed before him”, the wise lion said to Ella. Ella’s wish was now fulfilled as well. Only the youngest, Maggie, hesitated. The lion asked her why she hadn’t said anything yet. “I have two beloved sisters, a home where I belong, enough money so I can feed my family and myself and, what’s most important, I am happy. Why should I want something when I have everything I can dream of?” One could see that the lion was very astonished at that answer, he did not expect anything like it. “Well then, that’s how it should be”, he said. As quickly as the mighty lion came, as fast he disappeared. The three sisters and Arthur continued their way and now completely crossed the bridge. After a while, however, their paths separated and they walked along alone, except for Ella, she had her man by her side.

As time passed by, Sabrina was still alive, Arthur was still Ella’s partner and Maggie was still happy, unlike her sisters. Sabrina was infinitely sad because she didn’t want to live anymore but how could she escape? Only by killing herself – but the deep magic prevented her from doing so. Ella didn’t want to live with Arthur anymore because he was becoming uglier and dumber every day. Ella, however, couldn’t leave him because every time she tried to, he chased after her. Maggie didn’t know how her sisters were doing, she was happy. She had a beautiful home, a man who cared for her and two wonderful children. She often thought of her siblings as to how their wishes had turned out for them.

One day, as Maggie was walking through the forest near her house, she saw the shape of a lion. This shape came closer and closer, ‘till one could clearly see that it was actually the invincible lion from the past. Not any lion, Maggie knew that, and so she felt no fear at all. “I came here to look in on you. As I can see, you have a happy life but your sisters do not. If you want to see them with your own eyes, jump on my back and I will take you to them.” Maggie agreed, the lion roared loudly and suddenly she saw the first born, Sabrina. The moment she saw her, she felt sad and wanted to help her but wasn’t able to. Another loud roar and the two saw the second born, Ella. The moment Maggie saw her sister, she could have started crying. To see her sisters like this broke her heart but then the lion said in a soft voice: “You can make it stop. You can make that your sisters feel joy and love again. Come with me to my land and your sisters will be freed of their wishes. They will be happy again and you will be too in my land. After some years you will be with your family and loved ones again.” Maggie agreed to save her beloved sisters. The lion kept his word, reversed their wishes and they felt joy again but also brave Maggie and one day she will be reunited with her sisters.

The Gate

David Schludermann, 2AK

Once upon a time, there were three friends – Rick, Morty and David. They traveled around and eventually came to a gate. They wanted to go through it when a guard appeared and told them that they would get to a beautiful place. However, there was a catch: they would never come back.

The first one, Rick, was convinced of himself and thought there wasn’t anything bad about it. David sensed the treacherous deal but Rick didn’t listen and proceeded. The guard let him pass and Rick departed to an unknown place.

Then it was Morty’s turn. He was unsure and thought David could be right but because Rick went through the gate, he wanted to go on too. So Morty did it.

Then the guard asked if David wanted to pass as well, but he denied and went back home. Many years later, David had reached all his goals in life. He thought of his old friends and went back to the gate. He asked the guard what had happened to his friends. He replied that they were desperate because they had left everything important in life behind them.

The Tale of the Three Kings

Miriam Seifert, 2AK

1,000 years ago, there was a legend that said you could find the most powerful sword and the most stable armour on the highest mountain in the world. One day the three strongest kings in the world tried to get these treasures and each of them wanted the sword and the armour solely for himself.

They tried to reach the top of the mountain first, but when they had climbed half of the mountain, they met a fearsome and combative giant who wanted to kill the kings. The first king fled but the others could defeat the giant together. They decided to climb the rest of the mountain as a team and to share the treasure.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, they found the sword and the armour but an old witch too. This witch doubled their riches and told them that everyone who climbed the mountain got an armour and a sword, but it was impossible to climb the mountain alone. They were very delighted because now they were nearly invincible and they had found a new friend in each other too.

The Tale of the Three Sisters

Michelle Weilharter, 2AK

Once upon a time, three sisters went on a journey to become stronger than they were. There was the oldest, Kai, who was very combative and often snarky towards her youngest sister. She was also very skilled in battle when it came to using her magic. Then there was Kira. She was very clever and knew every recipe to every potion like the back of her hand. Like Kai, Kira wasn’t really fond of their youngest sister who was named Katrina and not very experienced as she still had much to learn.

On their journey they came across a treacherous river. Together they were able to make a bridge using their magic, however, there was one thing no one saw coming. Suddenly Death himself stood in front of the girls. Angry that they had evaded him, he wanted to make a deal. He would take the two eldest sisters and let the youngest live or Katrina could sacrifice herself which would mean the two others could live.

Katrina remembered the countless quarrels she had had with her sisters and shook her head while glaring at Kira and Kai. Their faces lost their colour as Death began to laugh and smoke enclosed the two girls. They disappeared in the thick black smoke and Death turned towards Katrina with a sickening grin. He offered to teach her black magic and she agreed immediately. From this day on, she was feared by even the mightiest of men and women and became Death’s deadly right hand.