Von Prinzessinnen und Löwen

Von Prinzessinnen und Löwen

Nichts für Froschkönige

Ein Funken Wahrheit steckt in jeder Geschichte. Das erkannten auch die Schüler/innen der zweiten Klassen, die sich im Englischunterricht mit Prof. Cornelia Konrad mit fairy tales auseinandersetzten. Die Distance-Learning-Phase nutzten die Jugendlichen allerdings auch, um selbst kreativ in die Tasten zu hauen …

During distance learning, some of our second-year students decided to ponder life by exploring the moral messages of fairy tales. To please the Harry Potter enthusiasts among us, and to introduce the literary device of telling a story within a narrative, we focused on “The Tale of the Three Brothers”.

Besides studying and fostering pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, we discovered that the tale’s most important life lesson is to stay humble and selfless as arrogance and selfishness can lead to your doom.

After a brief review of the characteristics of this text type, the students embarked on creating fairy tales themselves.

Here are some of the best pieces of writing.

The Three Dwarfs

Philip Luschin, 2BK

One day three little dwarfs named Number One, Number Two and Number Three wanted to visit their grandmother in the mountains but something stopped them on their way. It was a giant, but not your usual giant next door. It was a skeleton giant.

He told them that they could move on if they wanted to, but if they did so, they would never become taller than they were right then. The skeleton giant explained to them that he could give his height to other people but they only had a 50% chance to survive this procedure.

Number One and Number Two were sure that they wanted to become taller. “It would be amazing”, they thought. But Number Three continued his way to his grandmother because he loved himself the way he was. The other two dwarfs became as tall as the giant but they immediately died a second later.

Eternal Beauty

Celina Jesch, 2BK

Once upon a time, three princesses were on their way to the local inn when a witch, wearing a long black cloak, arrived at the town gate. The witch was jealous of the beauty and kindness the three princesses gave off, so she decided to get rid of these three beautiful creatures.

The witch greeted the three girls in a friendly way and asked them to tell her their biggest wishes. The first princess wished for a prince adorable and calm like the sunrise in the morning. The second and also the oldest one asked the witch for a prince strong and protective so that she could feel safe in his arms. It was the last and youngest of the three princesses that wished for a loyal and trustworthy man. “He doesn’t have to be a prince”, she said, “but I should be able to trust him completely, a man with whom I can make a hundred memories.” The witch, a treacherous woman, swung her wand and conjured each princess the perfect prince, but only the third princess got a poor man, not half as handsome as the two other men were.

The years passed by and at the beginning each of the three princesses lived happily with their men, but the day came when the two princes started cheating on their women. The two princesses cried for a whole week till all their tears destroyed their looks. This is how the witch robbed them of their attractiveness. Only the third and youngest princess remained an eternal beauty. The poor man never gave his princess any reason to shed a tear because he stayed loyal and not even the cunning witch was able to destroy this unbreakable love.